Offshore Wind for Professionals - FULL Two Days

The Faculty of Engineering at SETU and the Engineering the South East Cluster are partnering with Dutch offshore energy training provider DOB-Academy to deliver a bespoke training programme specifically for those active in the Offshore wind sector in Ireland. DOB-Academy specialise in Offshore Energy for professionals and have successfully delivered programmes for many of the sectors largest international stakeholders.

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Date: 19th and 20th October 2023 
09:00 - 17:00 
 National Maritime College of Ireland in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

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Course Overview

Learning to speak a common language and understanding every aspect of this rapidly growing industry is of great importance for a fruitful and economically viable future. In these two one-day courses, participants will gain insight into the complete offshore wind energy playing field.

On day 1, we will go into the basics of offshore wind and its rapid developments. How is offshore wind energy sector developing and what are its main drivers? These key questions are answered during the morning lectures. In the afternoon of day 1 we will go into the technical details and design considerations of an offshore wind farm. Additional practical hands-on cases will put this fresh knowledge into practice.

Day 2 starts with power distribution and the need for a safe work environment. During the afternoon we will go deeper into the logistics involved in the installation of a wind farm, and the maintenance during its operation.

Both days are interactive and welcome open discussions on current events such as; floating vs. fixed structures, port locations, ORE subsidies and supply chain issues.

Course Content

Day 1: Offshore Wind Introduction

  • Background Offshore Wind
  • Wind to Power
  • Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Electricity, Society & Policy
  • Offshore Wind in Numbers
  • Support Structure and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Design and Installation
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Practical hands-on case: DIY Rotor Competition
  • Practical hands-on case: Installing a Miniature Offshore Wind Farm

Day 2: Power, Logistics and Ports

  • The Dutch Approach to Offshore Wind
  • Offshore Transport & Logistics
  • Health, Safety &Environment
  • Offshore Power Networks
  • Ports, Harbours & Facilities
  • Installation Vessel & Strategy
  • Practical hands-on case: Energy Yield Calculation
  • Practical hands-on case: Connect the Turbines

    Who Should Attend?

    These two one-day specialised training courses can be followed individually or combined.

    Day 1
    is for professionals who are new to the industry. Basic facts and backgrounds for offshore wind will explain the playing field. Companies and suppliers to the energy industry who will benefit from this course are financial experts, marine contractor (technical and planning), government and other stakeholders.

    Day 2
    is focused on port logistics. Marine service providers, port authorities and logistic service providers will benefit from the insights in port utilisation and supply chain management.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria as set out by the Green Tech Skillnet are as follows:

    Eligibility Companies:
    Key requirements regarding the eligibility of businesses to participate in funding.

    • Companies must be from private enterprise based in the Republic of Ireland.
    • Skillnet Ireland funding is not available to public sector bodies or organisations that are publicly funded such as community-based not-for-profit companies or charities.
    • Commercial semi-state companies are eligible providing that income contributed to a Network is not sourced from the public purse.
    • Sole traders are eligible as Companies.

    Eligibility Trainees
    Key requirements regarding the Trainees:

    • Trainees must be based in the Republic of Ireland to be eligible.
    • Trainees must be employed within private enterprise.
    • Green Tech Skillnet are required to collect data on the profile of trainees supported and record this data for Skillnet Ireland.
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