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h’alt® can transform your renewable energy project by de-risking your development process, reducing project delays, and cutting costs across the project lifecycle. Explore how h’alt® adds value to your project whilst empowering your team to succeed.


Avoid a 7% increase in project delivery times by using h’alt®.


Counteract a 10% escalation in frictional costs with h’alt®.

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Scaling Ireland’s
Renewable Transition
for a Sustainable Future​

To meet Ireland’s national targets of 9GW of onshore wind and 5GW of offshore wind by 2030, the renewable energy sector requires innovative solutions and effective growth strategies. GreenTech Skillnet and ARMSA Academy are driving this change with h’alt®, a cutting-edge digital technology that empowers teams and streamlines projects.


Rapid Growth

Accelerate growth by systematising organisational learning and building your knowledge capital.


Innovative Lifecycle Deployment

Deploy h’alt® to support your projects in the development, planning, construction or operation and maintenance phases.


Empowers Teams of All Sizes

h’alt seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, delivering on-demand learning and problem-solving for teams large and small.

How h'alt® Can Help You

Icon De-risk your development

Confidently make decisions that impact asset lifecycles of 30 years +. Foster a front-end decision-making culture that reduces errors and rework. Improve LCoE forecasts.

Icon Save Costs

Avoid a 10% escalation in frictional costs by improving decision-making and reducing variation. Cut unnecessary expenses and optimise resource allocation.

Icon Reduce Delays

Minimise project delivery times by up to 7%. h’alt® provides teams with real-time, role-specific content to streamline processes and prevent bottlenecks, ensuring projects stay on schedule.

Icon Gain Insights

Utilise smart analytics to identify and address critical knowledge and system gaps. With h’alt® , leaders can better understand team performance and areas for improvement. Build an agile and adaptive team using data.

Your Mentor for Informed Decision-Making and Collaboration

h’alt® acts as a mentor, helping your team make the right decisions, first time, and encouraging early-stage cross-functional collaboration.

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Unlocking Potential: Using h’alt®

Find out why h’alt® is the perfect choice for your renewable energy projects. It helps work towards a sustainable future by supporting the 2050 net-zero goals and offers detailed analytics for smart decision-making. With its emphasis on always getting better and being useful in many parts of the renewable energy field, h’alt® is the key to making big changes and achieving success.

Using h’alt® is easy. Users send their queries in a conversational interface. h’alt® directs users to the relevant content, helping them make the right decisions.

Who benefits from using h’alt®?

Wind Developers

Streamline project development, identify material risks, and adopt risk-mitigation strategies which add value to the project, enable safer construction, and O&M.

Asset Owners

Gain valuable insights into team performance and optimise asset management strategies.

Power Companies

Streamline project management, reducing delays and costs whilst improving safety and efficiency.

Wind Turbine OEMs

Optimise project delivery, cost management and safety during construction, O&M and major component exchanges.

Integrated Energy Companies

Ensure your standards meet the needs of the wind energy market, and equip your teams with the right knowledge and tools.

Wind Asset Managers

Enhance asset performance, reduce risks, and continuously improve the performance of your teams and assets.

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