Free Webinar: Decarbonising the Dairy Sector with Industrial Heat Pumps

Free Webinar by eHeat Ireland on the 14th September 2022 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Course Access : Lifetime
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Date: 14th of September 2022

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Name of Course:

eHeat Ireland - Decarbonising the Dairy Sector with Industrial Heat Pumps

Course Overview:

Ireland is world-leader in the production of dairy products which is growing rapidly in recent years. However, this success has in turn increased the demand for more energy, particularly natural gas and LPG, so alternatives are urgently required so the sector can both reduce its carbon footprint and insure against supply interruptions, in particular due to the recent threat of gas rationing. Industrial heat pumps are a proven low-carbon solution which have been installed in Diary facilities for decades, so this course will outline how Ireland could utilize industrial heat pump technology to rapidly replace fossil fuels in the Dairy sector.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

This course will update attendees on the role of industrial heat pumps in decarbonising Ireland’s heat sector along with insights into the policy drivers that are now pushing the transition to electrification as a key solution to reducing Ireland’s industry related carbon emissions. Attendees will also learn about the grants available to install industrial heat pumps along with some examples of projects which they could potentially replicate.

Who should attend?

CEO, CFO, Sustainability Managers, Engineering Managers, Academics, Engineers, Policymakers.

Course Content:

  1. National Heat Study & SSRH
  2. Policy Drive Toward Electrification to Deliver Carbon Reductions
  3. Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund
  4. Examples of Heat Pump Projects in the Dairy sector


  • Introduction, Tom Marren, Chairperson eHeat Ireland (5 mins)
  • SEAI (10 mins)
  • DETE (10 mins)
  • Enterprise Ireland (10 mins)
  • Astatine (10 mins)
  • O&A (15 mins)

About the Speakers:

Tom Marren, Chairperson, eHeat Ireland

28 Years experience in the energy sector with strong technical and commercial focus. Started and majority owner of decentralised power company Cogent Energy in Australia which was sold to Origin Energy in 2009.

Started and majority owner of renewable and energy services company CES Energy in Ireland which was sold to Centrica PLC (FT100) in 2019.

Developed and delivered a range of large scale energy projects using a variety of technologies across the globe.

Engineering Degree from Trinity & MBA from UCD, completed the Leadership for Growth programme run by Duke Corporate Education (Not-for-profit support corporation for Duke University.

Tom has delivered keynote addresses at international energy conferences and is considered to be an industry leader in the field of energy generation and energy efficiency.

Currently Co-Founder of Astatine Limited specialising in identifying and implementing renewable energy technologies tailored to clients specific requirements.

Fergus Sharkey, Head of Business Supports and Transport, SEAI

Fergus is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the Energy Industry. With Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Fergus is Head of Business Supports and Transport. Prior to joining SEAI in 2017, Fergus worked for Electricity Supply Board (ESB), holding leading roles in retrofits of conventional thermal power generation, ocean energy project development, and rooftop solar PV. He leads a team in SEAI focussed on accelerating energy efficiency and renewable deployment with business and industry clients, and providing supports for electrification of transport. His team provides a range of supports including information and training on best practice, energy management and energy audit support, capital supports for investment in energy efficiency and renewable heat, and supports for electric vehicles and chargers

Cian Kearns Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Cian Kearns is a Policy Analyst in the Climate Action and Economic Infrastructure Unit in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

The Unit has responsibility for advancing the green transition in enterprise. This means honouring our climate action commitments to align with the EU Green Deal and meeting the PfG target of an average annual 7% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions (51% reduction) by 2030, whilst minimising any competitiveness impact and fostering growth in the green economy, and ensuring the resilience of the enterprise sector is a key focus.

Cian carries out technical analysis focused enterprise-related emissions, helps to develop and coordinate enterprise actions in the annual Climate Action Plans, and contributes to the Department’s positioning on new European climate legislation.

Aileen Cussen, Enterprise Ireland

Senior Development Advisor in Enterprise Ireland’s Sustainability, Climate and Agtech unit, managing a portfolio of Cleantech companies and supporting them in their business growth strategies.

Developing and implementing innovative climate and sustainability initiatives and funding schemes to support Irish enterprise to decarbonise. Engaging and collaborating with stakeholders in the development of national climate strategies and policy.

Experienced and practical business development professional, working with Irish SMEs, across diverse industry sectors, and at various stages of development, enabling them grow and strengthen their businesses. International marketing experience working with Irish companies in developing and implementing successful sales and marketing strategies in international markets. Skilled in advising companies on funding options, management capability, and international competitiveness.

David Connolly, Chief Technology Officer, Astatine

Dr. David Connolly is Chief Technology Officer with Astatine, who offer turnkey solutions for large industrial users who wish to decarbonise their heat, using high-temperature heat pumps (up to 200°C). Previously, David was CEO of Wind Energy Ireland which is Ireland’s largest renewable energy association and before that, David was an Associate Professor in Energy Planning at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark, where his research focused on the design and assessment of 100% renewable energy systems for electricity, heat, and transport.

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